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There are many ways one can learn how to plant flower. Some people learn how to plant flowers by going to colleges where they teach horticulture of floriculture. There are many coursed including distance learning of gardening and E-books on how to plant flowers and how to garden successfully.

The knowledge of how to grow flowers is built on the following basics.

1. Select a variety that is suitable for your climatic region as this is the first basic fact in how to grow flowers.

2. Prepare your growing space properly. Deep tilling in soil in the place where you want to plant flowers is encouraged to break hard pan. Incorporate organic manure to improve the soil and apply a base dressing fertilizer such as TSP(Triple supper phosphate)

3. Use healthy planting material selected for disease resistance and hardiness. Before you start your garden, research the available options on varieties that can withstand pest and diseases, water stress among others.

4. Understanding the specific requirement before you plant the flowers will help get it right first time.

5. Water well after planting and watch to re-water as the media dries again.

6. Watch out for pests and diseases that attack your particular plant and control it.

7. Take care of the cultural part by leaning how to grow flowers from sources that describe the culture of your particular flower.

That is essentially the basic of learning how to grow flowers but to be an expert, you need to invest time in learning about of how to plant flowers and take proper care of your plants from gardening information centers and books that teach in more details.

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